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In Colorado, most people with a criminal record can vote!

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Know the Law! Can I Vote?

YES! You CAN Vote in Colorado if:

  • You have a criminal conviction and have served your sentence including any parole time
  • You are a pretrial detainee in jail
  • You are on probation for a misdemeanor or felony
  • You are currently serving a sentence in jail for a misdemeanor

No — You CANNOT Vote in Colorado while:

  • You are incarcerated for a felony in a jail or prison
  • You are on parole or federal supervised release
  • You are a DOC inmate living in a community corrections halfway house or are on non-residential status
  • You are a residential diversion client sentenced for a felony to a community corrections facility

Consult with an election official before registering to vote in Colorado if:

  • You are on home detention as part of a sentence for a felony conviction
  • You are a diversion client in a community corrections facility who is on non-residential status
  • You are in jail awaiting a revocation hearing for a probation violation
  • Contact an election official by email or phone 303-894-2200.

Your Vote Is Your Voice On The Issues

Review Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please contact CCJRC by email or by phone 303-825-0122.

How do I register to vote, change my voter information or find my polling location?2018-09-06T12:14:19-06:00

Visit Go Vote Colorado to:

– Register to vote
– Update your information
– Change party affiliation or choose your primary ballot
– Check your ballot status
– Find your polling location

Visit the Colorado Secretary of State website for more details about contacting your county clerk, acceptable forms of ID, accessibility for voters with a disability, and information for homeless voters.

Have additional questions? Contact CCJRC at (303) 825-0122 or email Juston Cooper, Deputy Director.

Do I have the right to vote if I am presently incarcerated for a felony or if I am on parole?2018-08-27T17:15:33-06:00

No. You may not register to vote or vote if you are incarcerated for a felony or while you are on parole.

Do I have the right vote if I am on probation?2018-08-27T17:19:47-06:00

Yes. People on probation may register to vote and cast their vote in any election.

Do I have the right to vote if I am in jail serving a sentence for a misdemeanor conviction?2018-08-27T17:21:21-06:00

Yes. An individual in jail serving a misdemeanor sentence has the right to register to vote and vote in any election.

Do I have the right to vote if I am in jail awaiting trial?2018-08-27T17:20:56-06:00

Yes. People who are in jail pending the outcome of a criminal case are eligible to vote.

Do I have the right to vote if I am on bond and the criminal case is pending?2018-08-27T17:22:16-06:00

Yes. You are eligible to vote if you are on bond as long as you are not convicted and serving a sentence in jail or prison for a felony at the time of the election.

Will I get an official letter telling me when I’m eligible to vote?2018-08-27T17:22:47-06:00

No. No one will tell you when you’re eligible to vote.

What if I was convicted for a crime in another state?2018-08-27T17:23:30-06:00

Voting eligibility is based on Colorado state law. It does not matter what state you were convicted in or whether you were convicted in municipal, state or federal court.

Do I have to pay off all of my restitution before I can vote?2018-08-27T17:23:55-06:00

No. Payment of restitution is not a condition of voting eligibility.

I was registered to vote before I was incarcerated. Do I need to register again?2018-08-27T18:48:27-06:00

Yes. If you were registered to vote pror to your incarceration, there is a good chance that your name was removed from the Secretary of State’s list of registered voters. You will need to re-register to vote.

What is the charge in Colorado is someone illegally registers to vote and votes in an election?2018-08-27T17:25:22-06:00

It is a class five felony crime to register to vote or vote in an election for which a person is not legally eligible. (Colorado Revised Statute §1-13-704.5)

What is the law in Colorado?2018-08-28T23:05:00-06:00

Colorado Revised Statutes 1-2-103 (4)

No person while serving a sentence of detention or confinement in a correctional facility, jail, or other location for a felony conviction or while serving a sentence of parole shall be eligible to register to vote or to vote in any election; however a confined prisoner who is awaiting trial but has not been tried shall be certified by the institutional administrator and shall be permitted to register to vote by mail registration pursuant to part 5 of this article.


How To Vote From Jails in Colorado

Watch the video above to learn more about voting from jails in Colorado. Have questions or need more information? Please contact CCJRC by email or by phone 303-825-0122.

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