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Alex Landau, CCJRC Community Outreach Coordinator, registering voters at Cinco de Mayo festival

In 2018, CCJRC had over 80 volunteers support our Voting with Conviction Campaign. Volunteers were instrumental in encouraging people to vote through voter registration efforts targeting people who have criminal records, door to door canvassing and phone banking. CCJRC’s dedicated volunteers and canvassers registered nearly 900 people to vote by being on site in the Denver jails, Denver probation, and RMOMS. We also knocked on 5,346 doors to talk with voters in Aurora precincts with the highest African American population and spoke with approximately 1,800 CCJRC members to encourage them to vote.

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Tools for Civic Engagement

CCJRC provides free trainings to election officials, GOTV efforts, Voter Registration Drives, community organizations, and our members on the nuances of voting eligibility for people with criminal histories. Building political power together requires participation. We don’t care if you like politics or politicians but we do care that you Use Your Voice—Register to Vote & Vote! We can provide free trainings and copies of our educational materials. Contact us at (303) 825-0122 or email Juston Cooper, Deputy Director.

Educational Materials for Voter Registration Drives


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